Coastal Gaslink Agreement

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This agreement is a process aimed at creating the framework of rights and titles in the legal terms of the twenty-first century. There will be security. Whether or not the Wet`suwet`en accept an oil pipeline does not matter until the decision-making framework is in place. The wisest advice is that all parties should be prepared for all kinds of decisions. Chiefs opposed to a natural gas pipeline in northern British Columbia say they will sign an agreement with the federal and provincial governments that will confirm their title and rights. We value the culture, land and traditions of Indigenous groups. That`s why our team works closely with First Nations communities throughout the life of the project. We are proud to have signed project agreements with the 20 First Nation governments elected along the authorized route. From pipeline concept to construction to operation, our respect for the land, culture and communities guides all our decisions on Coastal GasLink. Prince said there was no difference if the chief did not intend to impose the provision; Sticking to the agreement shows that elected leaders “were willing to accept that companies have very little respect for the first nations with whom they make deals.” The specific provision appears in a leaked performance agreement between Nak`azdli Whut`en, a first nation located about two hours northwest of Prince George, and TC Energy`s Coastal GasLink pipeline.

Community members and legal experts are concerned about the provisions of a performance agreement signed between a B.C. First Nation and a pipeline company that asks management to dissuade its parishioners from opposing the project.