Sacap Client Architect Agreement

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In return, your architect works in the construction industry for your benefit and can help you turn design into a wonderful building. You`ll learn how the architectural team will approach your project by talking to important members. Ask how the architect collects information, sets priorities and makes decisions. Ask what the architect considers to be the important topic to consider in the project. Assess the style, personality, priorities and approach of the company: are they compatible with yours? Since you are in a business relationship to acquire the professional skills and judgment of the budding architect, you should also learn about the architect`s ability to financially support the services to be provided. For example, you may wonder if the architect has professional liability insurance similar to that of doctors, lawyers and accountants. Although not all architects support such assurance, it can, in many cases, be an indicator of sound business acumen. Good project plans leave enough time for decision-making. Is your schedule sound, especially given the requirements and budget of the project? Have you taken the time to verify the architect`s requests, obtain administrative approvals, obtain your own recommendations and approvals, and make decisions? You will find detailed descriptions of the work steps in experienced clients recognize that adequate compensation for the architect is in their best interest, as it ensures the nature and level of services needed to meet their expectations.

You may have questions about how to achieve fair compensation for your project. Some of the most frequently asked questions are discussed here. See OUR SCOPE OF WORK: ARCHITECT`S SERVICES: Maybe some services can be provided by the architect on a separate basis. Perhaps the coordination of co-owners, special advisors or other team members mandated by the owner contributes to the architect`s costs. If everything is understood for both parties and there is still no closure of the details or the type of compensation, both the owner and the architect normally have no choice but to stop the negotiations.