Sssi Management Agreement

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You may object to a management notification to Defra. You have two months to appeal. If you want to learn more about an ISS, the final document is called “Citation.” It is the legal document that describes the site, which indicates its limitations and why it is special. In England, under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, Natural England had to inform owners and occupants of their views on the management of the ISS through all ISS. In England, for example, you can generally see England`s “management angle view” on each SSSI. The VAM is a report on the basic management needed to preserve and improve wildlife or the geological features of the ISS. Views do not require the owner or occupant of an ISSS and do not replace more detailed management recommendations that Natural England may have already given, such as. B the board in a site management statement or management agreement. The Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) is the main source of funding for rural Scotland. We encourage land managers to seek the help of the SRDP if we believe that management is necessary to improve the characteristics of the country. We can offer an MA to any field manager who has the right to perform the administration agreed upon during the contract.

advice on specific location requirements for natural heritage management (in accordance with Articles 22 and 39 of Regulation 702/2014 of the Commission). The total cost of the consultation (up to EUR 1,500 per council, paid directly to the advisor) is covered where there is no economic benefit to the land manager. Natural England`s objective is to obtain “favourable condition” status for all ISSS. The favourable condition means that the habitats and characteristics of the ISSS are healthy and maintained by proper management. If you think the management system is inappropriate or someone else should be responsible for the work, contact Natural England and explain why. If a management system has been put in place, Natural England may ask you to apply for a grant for the Countryside Stewardship. Each SSSI has a site management instruction. This determines why a website is special and how it should be managed. Look for your website`s instruction using the search listed on the site. If your SSSI is not maintained or damaged, we will try to resolve the issue with you. We advise you and work with you to reach an agreement.

If this is not possible, we can: We can offer you a management agreement for your SSSI. This means that you receive a payment if you agree to manage the country in a certain way. These have a duration of at least five years. If SRDP is unable to provide such support and we consider management a priority, we can offer support via an MA. This can occur if the SRDP options do not cover the specialized administration or if the land administrator is not eligible for the SRDP. We can register a longer-term or higher MA against land ownership to ensure that administration continues even in the event of a change in occupancy.