Uzodinma Okpechi Agreement

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. You will receive 3 months off if you have not already used a free apple music trial, that I do not suffer, small on say I do not feel poverty not good at all, no Na in I do this business 419 not a thief, it`s just a game Everybody dey play em if someone falls mugu ha! my brother I`ll chop em National Airport na me get em National Stadium na me build em President na my sister Brother You`re the Mugu, I`m the master Oyinbo man I`ll hack your dollar, I`ll take your money and disappear 419 is just a game, you`re the loser I`m the winner The refinery na me em The contract , you will I give but you will pay me money, I bring, you are the Mugu, I am the master … Na me be the master ooo!!!! When Oyinbo play Wayo, Dey go and say na new style If the compatriot possess it, you will de shout: bring em, kill em, die! Let the people of Oyinbo greedy, I tell them greedy I do not see them tired that is why, if they fall into my trap o! I dey show them fire” You know the lyrics for this track? Add texts to Musixmatch. Do you know a YouTube video for this title? Add a video. Do you know any information on this trail? Launch the wiki Do you have any pictures of this artist? Add an image.